4 Ways You Can Put Your Website to Work as an Around-the-Clock Recruiter

How can a website work as a recruiter? For companies in the staffing industry, websites are designed to attract new clients and help source potential recruits. As a result, it’s important to ensure your website is optimized to achieve both of these goals, engaging your site’s visitors and directing them to take a desired action. […]

Onboarding is critical for a better candidate experience: A Competitive Advantage

The onboarding process is a critical task for recruiters. While it may sound time-consuming, improved technology is making the process easier. The wide range of tools in the market can help create a better onboarding experience for a candidate. The importance of onboarding and setting up a process that elevates the candidate experience and less […]

Virtual Interviews are the New Normal

The practice of virtual interviews was rare during pre-pandemic days. To no surprise now, however, it is becoming the new normal. Due to the lockdown measures, most companies shifted everything possible online, from scheduling interviews to conducting team meetings. The practice of virtual interviews was rare during pre-pandemic days. To no surprise now, however, it […]

Is Your Staffing Excellence a VMS Liability

Meticulous talent selection, precise assessments, solid client relationships — all attributes of a premier staffing firm, right? Right — unless you participate in a Vendor Management System (VMS).

A Closer Look at the Changing Landscape of the US Job Market

Companies planning to hire new staff must have likely experienced the term “The Great Resignation.” Due to the pandemic situations, many employees resigned while serving a notice period of two weeks, placing further strain on the unparalleled demand on hiring needs. The impact of the pandemic started with layoffs, making it difficult to find employment. […]

New Skills are Crucial for the Future Roles of Employee and Employer

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the job market. Whether it’s the employee work process to get the job done or a hiring process for the recruiter, new changes have arisen. With rapidly changing market needs, it is uncertain if a job will last for a long time. Before the pandemic, lockdowns were […]