Onboarding is critical for a better candidate experience: A Competitive Advantage

The onboarding process is a critical task for recruiters. While it may sound time-consuming, improved technology is making the process easier. The wide range of tools in the market can help create a better onboarding experience for a candidate.

The importance of onboarding and setting up a process that elevates the candidate experience and less work for the recruiter is necessary. It elevates company risk and has a direct impact on the cost of a new hire. Companies work on improving the onboarding process to create a better experience for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Great for recruiters & candidates

The most effective way to elevate the onboarding experience for candidates is to improve the onboarding experience for recruiters, which you can do through the new technology.

Automate the processes that prevent new hires from getting to work. Onboarding automation empowers you to improve the candidate experience, streamline complex hiring workflows, and ensure every employee has a great first day.

The involvement of both candidate and recruiter works closely together; you cannot compromise one at the cost of the other.

The technology enables the recruiters to automate background checks and much of the Form I-9 process. Onboarding automation helps recruiters make fewer mistakes and find more time to build better relationships with candidates and take on more accounts.

EG has earned serious rewards for both recruiters and candidates with their onboarding enhancements. It used to take candidates about 90 minutes to complete their onboarding documents, with a lot of recruiter intervention. With the automation tool Able, candidates with the minimal intervention of a recruiter get through the process in 10 minutes.

The reduction of extensive work and simplifying the hectic process left the EG’s recruiters very pleased. The new onboarding system received an NPS score of nine.

How to establish a great onboarding process

It is easy to say, “Let’s create a great onboarding process,” but what does it look like to actually do this?

The ever-changing technology and the actual requirements shape a better solution as a great onboarding process with more clarity.

  • Mobile-optimized: The onboarding process automation is not enough, but the candidates are likely to prefer mobile-optimized and expect the process to complete ideally in minutes.
  • One portal: The streamlined onboarding process should be simple and easy for both the recruiter and the candidate. A single portal needs to furnish all the essential information the candidates and recruiters are expecting.
  • Automation: For any automation, the first thing to analyze; which manual work can be automated and made the best use to reduce time, effort, and obviously with minimal mistakes. Learning the most labor-intensive tasks and automating them would be the best way of approach.

Technology solutions are not always successful, that doesn’t mean you can afford to leave them behind. Your needs and requirement would call for a custom solution and is possible with continuous improvement.

Employee retention

The enhanced onboarding process has more benefits than expected. Beyond the recruiters’ and candidates’ experience, your firm can experience improved efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

Besides adding new talent to the workforce, employee retention has been a challenge for most staffing firms.

One out of four recruiters or the account managers leaves the firm in any given year. But if you do your due diligence early, great onboarding can help you expand your talent networks and form lasting relationships.

Work on the onboarding process and make it better to notice the improved employee retention compared to the previous year.

Your investment in onboarding processes can help you future-proof your business and stay on top, even during uncertain times. As you experience the exciting side of staffing, you can build relationships, make money, attract new talent, and retain the existing employees/staff.

To be precise, enhancing the onboarding process can happen with the right technology solution. Look out for the right solution that fits your needs and implement it in the best way possible. Your current challenges can turn to more comprehensive advantages.


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