Case study

Boosting Outcomes & The Bottom Line During a Market Downswing

Assure360 is a provider of mortgage default processing services to law firms. With changing markets, the company needed to find more cost-effective IT development and customer service support, as well as a renewed focus and retention for its internal team.

The Need

After a downturn in the foreclosure market, Assure360 saw reduced revenue and significant turnover among staff. Looking to outsource maintenance and support, the company turned to 247Hire to put together an experienced offshore team which would lower costs, improve service delivery and increase satisfaction for internal team members and customers.

The Challenges


Reduced revenue created pressure to cut costs


A need to maintain service without additional overhead


Freeing up internal staff for high-impact projects


Improving satisfaction for customers and team members


The Solution

With 247Hire, Assure360 was able to utilize an offshore team quickly and effectively. 247Hire brought together six .NET developers, a Crystal Reports developer, a SharePoint developer, two QAs and one SQL DBA to support Assure360’s business goals with reduced labor costs.

The Impact

With 247Hire, Assure360 benefitted from flexible application maintenance, new product development and customer support. A full knowledge transfer was completed in the first four weeks, with daily stand-ups to improve communication and transparency. Within three months, Assure360’s CIO reported 247Hire’s offshore support team outpaced domestic staff. Together with 247Hire, Assure360 improved maintenance and customer satisfaction, while also freeing up internal team members for more exciting, high-ROI projects.

Offshore team members
Weeks for knowledge transfer
Months to outpace domestic teams

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