The Top Staffing and Recruiting Conferences of 2019

In an era that is so driven by screen time, email, text, and web meetings, it’s easy to get bogged down by notifications. Sometimes what we need most is to get out, mingle with our peers, and get a first hand look at the trends and technology affecting the staffing industry. There are plenty of conferences going on this year to help you do just that. Here’s my top 10 list for 2019 in order by date:

1. VMSA Live

January 29-31 in Miami, FL

It’s in just a few days, but this annual conference brings together the full spectrum of the contingent workforce supply chain: from the Enterprise Buyers to the Suppliers of Contingent Labor, and everyone in between including: Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Vendor Management Technologies (VMS tools) and the other providers that support the global talent ecosystem.

2. Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum

February 25-28 in Austin, TX

The SIA Executive Forum is the largest gathering of CEO’s, owners, and senior-level executives from Staffing Firms across the industry. If you are looking to learn from the best and brightest in the industry, this is the conference for you.

3. SourceCon

March 19-21 in Seattle, WA

SourceCon is the place to learn about the newest sourcing strategies, technologies, and methods that your staffing industry peers are using to find top candidates. This year’s conference features speakers sharing the trials and tribulations they’ve gone through, and what they did to overcome them in their careers. They will share insights, lessons learned, and perspectives that will help you in your own career.

4. SHRM Talent Conference & Expo

April 8-10 in Nashville, TN

At #SHRMTalent, you’ll gain expert tips to remain competitive in a tough market while hiring the right people to enrich your workplace. Explore new ways to access untapped talent pools, communicate the true value of benefits, and retain engaged employees at every level. As the voice of all things work, SHRM can help you harness and keep the talent you need to create better workplaces for a better world.

5. StaffingTec

April 9-11 in Nashville, TN

Nashville in April will be a popular place for those in the talent industry. StaffingTec is the first staffing industry technology conference designed to help you find new staffing tech solutions that drive growth. Immerse yourself in emerging staffing tech trends and gain expert insights that will shape your long-term vision and near-term strategy.

6. Indeed Interactive Worldwide

May 13-15 in Austin, TX

This conference, hosted by (you guessed it) Indeed, is one of the top conferences to connect with and learn from those across the industry as highlighted by this quote from a past attendee:. “It’s not stale or routine, and you have the opportunity to connect right away.” And a keynote from Amy Pohler this year certainly doesn’t hurt!

7. Bullhorn Engage Boston

June 12-14 in Boston, MA

This conference may have the best location of all.  Held in the heart of downtown Boston, it attracts leaders from all over the staffing industry. While some sessions are focused on Bullhorn’s products, the majority of the focus is on industry trends and amazing keynote speakers, such as Capt. Sully in 2018.

If it’s easier for you to get to London (or you just really love an excuse to travel international) you can attend Engage London September 9-10.

8. TAtechNorthAmerica

Sept 24-26 in Austin, TX

Held in Austin Texas, TAtechNorthAmerica brings together the worldwide community of business leaders, content developers, sales and marketing professionals, and talent acquisition technology experts. Geared mostly towards recruiters and staffing firm executives, developers, data analysts, and those that work at digital media companies should also consider attending.

9. ERE Recruiting Conference 

Oct. 14-16 in Washington DC

Held in the Nation’s capital, The ERE Recruiting Conference will focus on strategies that’ll enable your organization to thrive in today’s candidate driven job market. Featuring speakers from some of the world’s top companies, the event will focus on key areas such as marketing data for recruiters, agile talent acquisition, and adding value through the whole of your recruitment process.

10. ASA Staffing World

Oct. 15-17 in Las Vegas, NV

This conference may have hold the record for the most Advil and coffee consumed – taking place in none other than Las Vegas this year. This conference is HUGE, and the expo at Staffing World is the largest, most comprehensive show in the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry.

11. TechServe Alliance

Nov 6-8 – Location TBD

While the location and specifics are still being decided, rest assured this will be a warm weather destination that is a welcome reprieve for most of us in the November frost. TechServe is specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by IT & Engineering staffing and solutions firms.

Make sure you get yourself out to at least one of these conferences this year. Full disclosure, 247Hire has been known to sponsor a couple of them, but even the ones we won’t be at will be well worth your time. The connections you’ll make and the insights you’ll gain are invaluable and will energize you to take on the challenges to come throughout the rest of the year.


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