VMS Staffing: Building a Relationship with your MSP

In a recent post, we outlined a number of strategies staffing firms can implement to maximize ROI and be successful in the VMS world. We discussed the importance of the tier system, and offered suggestions on how to better incentivize recruiters to pursue placements within this new model. But the fact remains, many staffing companies still don’t see VMS solutions as a viable revenue stream, believing they won’t be able to effectively leverage their long-term business relationships. This is only partly true, as there’s still an opportunity for firms to build relationships at the other end of the hiring process, specifically with Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Here are number of ways recruiters can leverage this new dynamic, and ultimately secure placements and profits with VMS staffing.

Get With The Program (Coordinator)

Staffing firms will be expected to start making submittals quickly when they partner with a new MSP. To make a positive first impression, purposefully attack difficult-to-fill job requisitions as a way of “proving yourself” to the MSP’s program manager at the outset. Ask them specifically what roles have been tough to place and why, hopefully giving you insight in how go about filling in a particular position.

In a VMS, the Program Coordinator (PC) is uniquely situated in the hiring process, having access to both the end client and the recruiter. So while it is often true that in a vendor neutral program, recruiters can’t gain direct access to the client they’re ultimately supplying talent for, they can influence them indirectly by building trust with the Program Coordinator. Consistently filling job reqs will eventually allow you to expand your category coverage into new segments too, opening the door to more placement opportunities and more profit.

PC’s Have a Stake in the Fight Too

Programs Coordinators have just as much to win (and lose) as staffing firms when it comes to the programs they manage.  MSPs are employed by companies to facilitate their VMS staffing needs, so if an MSP is underperforming, that particular company may cut ties and find another VMS provider. MSPs obviously want to avoid that!

Recruiters that continually place qualified candidates improve the MSP’s time-to-fill ratio, allowing the MSP to attract more clients and raise their standing in the industry. So in a sense, PCs are just as incentivized as recruiters, as their jobs equally rest on the number of their number of successful placements. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, so consistently providing your MSP with quality candidates ensures that they’ll continue to work with you, giving your firm priority on difficult-to-fill, lucrative positions. Making the PC look good is critical to your firm’s VMS success. It’s a win, win (win!) for everyone involved, as the recruiter, MSP and hiring manager all get what they want.

The Importance of an Experienced Offshore Supplier

You may be asking yourself, “Where does my firm find candidates for all these MSP job reqs? The answer: An offshore supplier with expertise in VMS staffing solutions. Partnering with an offshore team ensures your staffing firm sustains round-the-clock category coverage, which is critical for maintaining your rank in the tier system and your relationship with your MSP. So, in the same way recruiters can make their MSPs look good by submitting strong candidates, an offshore team can make a recruiter look good by providing candidate sourcing and support. In short, enlisting an experienced offshore provider will help you better serve your MSP, expanding your category coverage into new job segments including but not limited to IT and non-IT staffing, professional services, and finance.

Staffing is and always will be a relationship-based business. At first glance, VMS might seem to subvert that notion entirely, but there are still opportunities to build trust and connections within this new paradigm. Sure, the roles and relations may look slightly different, but the sentiment remains the same: Recruiters that make an effort to cultivate a rapport with MSPs will likely see greater success in their VMS efforts. Furthermore, firms that consistently place talent improve the MSPs relationship with the hiring manager. A happy client means a happy MSP, ultimately opening more doors for your staffing agency and widening revenue stream with VMS solutions.


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