Firms Turning to Offshore Recruiting Services To Navigate the New Normal

Partnering with an Offshore Recruiting Services (ORS) provider is an effective means for making placements across a variety of sectors. And though this year has almost entirely been defined by hiring freezes, furloughs and lay-offs due to the Coronavirus, organizations are starting to staff back up and position themselves for 2021. We see this dynamic playing out both in the larger trends, as well as our day-to-day business, our clients making greater use of our offshore services to quickly fill open requisitions. So, in a year of uncertainty, here are some concrete ways that an ORS can help you navigate the ongoing situation and the post-pandemic world.

Implementing the Right Recruiting Model for You

One of the key benefits to partnering with an offshore provider is that they supplement and bolster your current recruiting model. This can be achieved several ways: Either by supporting your in-house team to recruit and source candidates for industries you already serve, or by helping you break into new industries altogether. The added recruiting capabilities will likely be mission-critical going into next year when hiring is expected to really ramp back up. According to a survey conducted by the Adecco Group, 70% of organizations that laid off workers in this year plan to refill these rolls in 2021. And 62% of them plan to hire for these positions within the first 6 months of the year.

If these figures bear out, Q1 and Q2 of 2021 will be an extremely competitive time for the staffing sector. The war for talent, which characterized the industry for years, will resume as firms look to secure limited, highly qualified candidates. An offshore team can be a great asset to your organization in situations like this, helping your in-house recruiters to cast a wider net and reach potential hires faster than your competitors. And because remote providers have operations outside the US on different time zones, you can be sure that someone is working on your behalf around the clock.

They’re Flexible & Help You Stay Agile

One of the hallmarks of a good remote recruiting team is the ability to scale up and down as needed. In partnership with an ORS provider, staffing firms can quickly meet their clients’ renewed hiring efforts and edge out their competition. The recruiting business is constantly in flux, so if a particular sector is seeing strong growth in the post pandemic economy, a competent offshore team will help you divert or expand resources to assist you in filling those requisition’s. You may even be able to create new lines of service over time as well.

And if you’re working with VMS clients, an effective ORS team can make timely submittals on their own, freeing up your internal staff to pursue other accounts. This goes back to implementing the correct model for your staffing company at the outset: If long-term business goals are properly communicated and presented in your strategy, then your virtual recruiters will be able to seamlessly respond to changes in the market.

Offshore Teams Are Built for Remote Work

One of biggest and more profound changes of 2020 has been the mass adoption of remote work. By now the dust has mostly settled, but back in March companies were scrambling to make sure their employees had the technological capabilities to conduct business from home. This, of course, includes the proper hardware like employee laptops, but also all the software tools needed to maintain efficiency and a sense of connection outside the office.

But, by nature of something called geography, ORS providers are built for the distributed team environment. They’re used to working in concert with companies literally on the other side of the globe, utilizing a variety of communication tools in a dispersed setting as a part of their daily operations. They can easily bring that familiarity of a dispersed workforce to your organization at large. And while it is true that some workers are eager to get back to the office (and some cases they already have), remote work, is here to stay. If you’re a staffing company looking to pursue a hybrid work model long-term, you can be confident that a seasoned offshore team will be able to quickly integrate and adapt to your existing organizational structure.

Depending on the industries you serve, the size of your business as well as your desired roadmap for growth, partnering with an ORS provider might be a wise move for your staffing firm. We’re likely to see a massive ramp up in hiring in the early months of 2021. Firms wanting to get a piece of the pie without stretching their internal resources too thin to do so will without a doubt benefit from this model.


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