247Hire Reaches 500th Employee Milestone

The stars have aligned and all of our hard work has paid off. After 13 amazing years in the multinational RPO business, 247Hire has reached yet another major milestone: we’ve added our 500th staff member and brought the team roster to an all-time high. We feel that’s a call for celebration!

When 247Hire opened for business in 2002, we had no small visions. There was an opportunity to be a pioneer in the offshore RPO sector, and we enthusiastically took a chance in this growing market. Now, we confidently sustain a lead in an industry that has drawn plenty of new competitors all trying to meet a growing international demand.

The Secret to Our Success

What’s the secret to our success? By and large, it’s our employees. Whether in our US headquarters, UK offices or offshore centers in India and the Philippines, the 247Hire team has been pivotal to keeping us competitive.

“Our team has flourished and we have enjoyed a longevity of service that we are proud of. It would have been impossible to achieve this growth without the dedication and hard work of each and every employee on the team and an equally fantastic group of clients who have supported us for many years,” comments Linda Quinn, Senior Director at 247Hire in the UK.

Since day one, our team members have been committed to providing value beyond normal offshore recruitment, sourcing and screening services. Give them a challenge and they quickly deliver results. The expansion into new markets, new cutting-edge technology and new aspects of the recruitment life cycle is a result of their tireless work. However, the credit doesn’t go to them alone.

Another large part of why our company has grown to 500 employees across our multiple locations is our very loyal client base. Whether new to the benefit of RPOs or longtime believers in offshore recruiting, our clients realize that not all offshore providers can offer the same exceptional results as 247Hire. That reality keeps them continually coming back for the value we pride ourselves in providing.

“The continued trust of our existing clients has been a huge boon for our growth and is proof to prospect clients that we can deliver on our promise of quality and results. I’m excited to see the number of staff continue to grow exponentially over the next couple of years,” comments Casey Godfrey, Senior Director at 247Hire in the US.

With our loyal client base and our dedicated and insightful workforce, we feel this achievement is only the next phase in our story. New growth, new strategies, and new services are always on the horizon for 247Hire.

Srinivasa Raghavan, COO of Overseas Operations at 247Hire, comments, “While we are proud to have reached this milestone, we still are very much aware that we have only scratched the true potential of what we can become. We now have a lot of processes identified, some of them automated, some of them in development, and many more in the creative thoughts of our leaders. The next 500 should happen in half of that time.”.

Established in 2002, 247Hire is the premier provider of offshore recruitment, sourcing and screening services — supplying superior candidates 24 hours a day. Advocates of a “best shore” model, we combine the efforts of an onshore and offshore team to provide maximum results for a minimal investment. And, as the most experienced provider in the industry, our clients succeed in the competition for top talent. We employ time-tested processes and cutting edge technology to deliver success, 24/7. Learn more about 247Hire by visiting our website or contacting us.


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