247Hire Launches Go Green Challenge; Over 150 Trees Planted & Growing!

247’s Trichy office sits in Tamil Nadu, an historic state in southern India and the location of three World Heritage sites. While Tamil Nadu is one of India’s largest states by population and economy, it is also home to many religious pilgrimage sites and natural parks.

Unfortunately, this special area -and home to many of 247’s colleagues- has been increasingly impacted by the effects of deforestation, pollution and other environmental changes.

Jay Sasidharan – Head of Operations at our Trichy branch- wanted to do something to make a contribution to the local environment, and decided he would plant trees. He shared the idea with all of our Trichy team and invited each of us to do the same. The entire office threw our enthusiastic support behind the idea and together set out to plant trees all over the city and neighboring areas. Over 150 employees planted small trees and saplings: some planted trees outside homes, some in large pots, some planted trees in fields and open spaces.

The tree planting project was given a name, #TenpathGoGreenChallenge, and photos and videos of the planting were shared online. The “Go Green” initiative picked up momentum on Facebook and Instagram, and we were thrilled to see it went viral! Inspired by 247’s efforts, others had picked up the challenge on social media and began posting images of their own efforts – planting saplings in neighboring towns and far away cities. The GoGreenChallenge was also picked up by a prominent local social worker, who shared his appreciation for the initiative and for the contribution to society. Of course, he joined us to build a better tomorrow.

We’re so excited to say that our activities motivated people beyond our network and inspired to plant trees. The challenge is not just to plant a sapling but to take care of it. And on the same day next year, each of us will share the progress of the raised plant, so we may see the real success and celebrate.

And we would like to appreciate Jay for initiating such a responsible social project and thank our employees for allowing us to provide a brighter future to the upcoming generations. We’re extremely happy for creating better lives for all humans out there!


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