Top 10 Staffing & Recruiting Conferences of 2020

Due to the coronavirus, several conferences have rescheduled and have gone virtual this year. See our new post for the latest updates.As hard as it is to believe, 2019 is coming to an end and we are turning an eye to the exciting staffing events coming next year . To help you decide which event is best for you, we have put together a list of the top 10 conferences in 2020, in order by date

1. VMSA EAST 2020: Ft. Lauderdale , FL

DATE: January 16th & 17th

VMSA Live is the two day annual conference that brings together the full spectrum of the contingent workforce supply chain: from the Enterprise Buyers to the Suppliers of Contingent Labor, and every one in between including: Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Vendor Management Technologies (VMS tools) and the other providers that support the global talent ecosystem.

2. Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum: Miami, FL

DATE: March 9th-12th

The SIA Executive Forum is the largest gathering of CEO’s, owners, and senior-level executives from Staffing Firms across the industry. The event returns to Miami this year and is expected to be bigger and better than ever.

3. SourceCon: Seattle, WA

DATE: March 23rd-25th

SourceCon is the place to learn new sourcing strategies, technologies, and methods that peers from the staffing industry are using to find top candidates. This year they will have speakers that will share what trials and tribulations they have gone through, and what they did to overcome them. They will share insights, lessons learned, and perspectives that will help you in your own career.

4. ERE Recruiting Conference: San Diego, CA

DATE: April 15th-17th

At ERE, talent acquisition professionals will learn the best solutions to improve recruiting at their organization. Each speaker at this event is hand-picked, chosen because they continually produce results and have laid the foundation for long term success.

5. StaffingTec: Austin, TX

DATE: May 5th-7th

The next three events share a common theme: Austin is becoming the new go-to location for staffing conferences. StaffingTec is the first staffing industry technology conference designed to help you find new staffing tech solutions that drive growth. You’ll immerse yourself in emerging staffing tech trends and gain expert insights that will shape your long-term vision and near-term strategy.

6.  Indeed Interactive Worldwide: Austin, TX

DATE: May 11th-13th

Indeed 2020 brings together talent leaders from all over the world. And every one of them will be focused on the same thing: solving the hiring challenges of the present, and the future.

7. Bullhorn Engage: Austin, TX

DATE: June 17th-19th

Bullhorn is uprooting from Boston and making the trek this year down to Texas. With over 1,300 attendees in 2019, this event has become a go to for networking and learning from leaders in the staffing industry.

8. Staffing Hub Live: Boulder, CO

DATE: September 28th-30th

I was lucky enough to attend their inaugural event this year and I am already looking forward to going back in 2020. This invite only conference has a more personal and intimate vibe. They have an intense focus on learning and charity.  Throw in an amazing location like Boulder, this is a cannot miss event.

9. ASA Staffing World: Nashville, TN

DATE: October 20th-22nd

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people out there still recovering from ASA Staffing World’s event in Last Vegas last year. In 2020 (perhaps thankfully) they’re moving the event to Nashville, but it still promises to be one the best staffing conferences of the year.There is something for everyone at Staffing World: they spare no expense to put on a great show, and you’ll walk away armed with knowledge and inspiration from their sessions and Keynote speakers.

10. TechServe Alliance: Amelia Island, Florida 

DATE: November 10th-12th

Last but certainly not least: TechServe is specifically tailored to address complex issues facing IT & engineering staffing firms. At TechServe you’ll learn the tools and strategies to tackle the industry’s unique challenges.

Make sure you get yourself out to at least one of these conferences this year. Full disclosure, 247Hire has been known to sponsor a couple of them, but even the ones we won’t be at will be well worth your time. The connections you’ll make and the insights you’ll gain are invaluable and will energize you to take on the challenges to come throughout 2020.


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