Remote Recruitment Support – Is It Right for You?

Does Offshore Recruitment Support Make Sense for Your Staffing Firm?

The staffing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, with high demand and a limited supply of qualified candidates. With the pressure to meet client expectations while simultaneously boosting revenue, many companies fall short of their potential by focusing exclusively on increasing the performance of their in-house teams. However, if any of the following scenarios sound familiar, offshore recruitment support may be your best solution.

1. Your firm is experiencing stagnant growth

There are many staffing firms out there with decades of experience in the industry, but the current landscape has left them struggling to nurture that growth further. Stagnant growth is a typical indicator that more resources or tools are needed to help the company adapt to an evolving marketplace. The Catch-22 is that those investments often increase overhead, making it difficult to capture an ROI that leads to growth.

The beauty of offshore recruitment support is that the overhead cost is minimal. Instead of hiring more in-house staff and spending more on technology, you’re investing in a cost-effective provider of round-the-clock, scalable support that can help your company gain efficiencies and promote growth.

Offshore recruitment not only speeds up the process of identifying talent, it also delivers the opportunity to leverage high-volume, low-margin work that can help grow your revenue without wasting the efforts of your high performing recruiters. Furthermore, the right offshore recruitment provider is one that uses metrics and performance measurement to uncover process improvements and maximize scorecard results, leading to greater productivity and ROI.

2. Your recruiters are stretched thin

Today’s staffing industry is challenged with talent shortages across many industries. The high demand and low supply mean most recruiters are stretched thin, working a meager talent pipeline to fill hundreds of requisitions. Furthermore, with the proliferation of VMS and MSP models and the lower margin work that often comes with it, recruiter ROI is frequently diminished. We recognize how economically futile it is to focus your high performing recruiters on lower margin work, not to mention how time-consuming and unmotivating that can be for those recruiters.

Offshore recruitment support is an advantageous solution to these challenges. It provides your firm with greater bandwidth as well as the opportunity to prioritize the type of work you perform in-house. While some staffing leaders choose offshore recruiting as a temporary solution to high volume or SOW business, others choose to implement it full time, delegating lower margin work to outsourced recruiters or acting as an extension to their internal recruitment team. No matter which alternative a firm chooses, the goal is to relieve the tedious tasks of sourcing and research from their best recruiters.

3. You’re not sure how to implement VMS into your business model

There are many staffing firms that remain resistant to the VMS model for their business. They don’t want to lose the personal relationship between the account manager and hiring manager that they’ve depended upon to do business. Yet with more and more accounts making the shift to VMS, these staffing firms must face the reality that they’re losing a significant amount of business to this model.

It can be an overwhelming proposition, especially in a long-established business environment where the concept of VMS is foreign and potentially threatening to the firm’s core values. With the common perception that VMS will reduce submission-to-hire ratios, leading to decreased ROI, staffing leaders face a tough decision. But keeping up with industry trends like VMS is essential to future growth.

That’s where offshore RPO can help make the transition less of a burden while simultaneously increasing ROI. The right offshore recruitment provider is no stranger to VMS and will ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. With internal communications running flawlessly, the integration of offshore support into your VMS model assures the transition goes smoothly without sacrificing quality, or destabilizing your existing core business and recruitment team.

Does Offshore Recruitment Support Make Sense for Your Staffing Firm?

Stagnant growth, inadequate bandwidth, and VMS confusion are commonplace challenges for staffing firms in today’s business world. The pressure to adapt and stay competitive while sustaining service levels is overwhelming.

When integrated correctly, offshore recruitment support is a rewarding solution. It requires strong communication and clearly aligned expectations, but it’s an attractive, cost-effective option that can lead your firm to success. At 247Hire, we collaborate with our clients to ensure we’re optimizing their recruiting efforts and meeting their needs. Reach out today to learn more about how offshore recruitment can help you grow your company.


It is easier to choose the right recruitment support provider when you can evaluate them equally.  Check out our guide to writing an RFP for recruiting support services : [su_button url=”It is easier to choose the right recruitment support provider when you can evaluate them equally. Check out our guide to writing an RFP for recruiting support services :” style=”flat” background=”#f43d26″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon=”icon: arrow-right”]Take Me to The Guide![/su_button]


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