Not all Offshore Providers are Created Equal

The Client

An IT staffing firm founded in 1979, HicksPro is a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Offering a wide range of talent services for federal, state and commercial clients, HicksPro is a partner to organizations interested in tapping into the immensely capable veteran workforce.

The Need

HicksPro was not in search of an offshore recruiting resource when the 247 sales team first reached out to the organization. “We had an offshore recruiting vendor at the time,” explained Lisa Price, Vice President, Client Services for HicksPro. “I was very frank with the 247 team when they called to discuss their services. It was a lot of work for me to manage and support our existing offshore provider. I was not interested in increasing the already substantial workload that came with overseeing the offshore recruiters.”

Based on listening to and understanding their prior experience, the 247 team knew that HicksPro was using the wrong offshore provider. As HicksPro explained the intensive oversight required with their existing offshore recruiters, the 247 team realized how much the company would benefit from an offshore provider that could effortlessly take the sourcing, recruiting and screening work out of the hands of internal teams. The time HicksPro was losing in managing and educating its current offshore recruiters was costly and keeping the company from realizing the true value of offshore recruiting.

The Solution

Though the HicksPro team was worried that adding another offshore team would mean more administrative work, they decided to give 247 a try. HicksPro agreed to augment its existing offshore resource with a 247 team to compare performance between the two providers. In just the first month of the engagement, HicksPro was convinced that 247 and its unique team approach offered a superior offshore solution.

“We were blown away right from the start,” said Price. “247 was submitting twice as many candidates as our other supplier and our candidate rejection rates were plummeting. Immediately we saw the difference 247 offered in productivity, responsiveness and accuracy.”

Used to working with a team of offshore recruiters, HicksPro was surprised and pleased to see the effectiveness of the 247 team structure. Rather than assigning only recruiters to clients, 247 assigns a diverse and expert team of professionals to each account. The client can count on those teams to deliver without constant and close oversight.

The Results

Right off the start, 247 submitted 34 more resumes than the competing supplier in a single quarter, with 142 resumes in the first month that the full team began working for HicksPro. In addition to the impressive surge in resume quantity, 247 immediately raised the quality of submissions. HicksPro’s rejection ratio for candidates submitted by offshore recruiters averaged 17% in the quarters prior to partnering with 247.In the first quarter of working with 247, the candidate rejection rate fell to just 4%.

HicksPro moved quickly to engage 247 as its sole offshore sourcing and recruiting partner. “We are thrilled with the sourcing service and the recruiting best practices 247 has brought to our organization. And for me, I love that all the extra oversight work I had to do before is gone. They know what we need, they know how to deliver and I know I will get high-quality candidates,” said Price.

Results: More Submittals, Higher Quality
More submissions
Reduction in rejections
Resume skill match

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